Online Films and Video by Tino

In glorious Super 8!  La Fuga di Olmo* (2004/8 min./.mov)  Music by Chandra Bulucon

*Official Selections:  Splice This! Super 8 Festival 2004 ::  Planet in Focus Festival 2005

                                FilmedByBike Portland (USA) 2006 - Toronto & Vancouver Bike Week.

Television Screenings:  Bike TV (US) :: CBC Zed March 2005.  Distributed by CFMDC


Experimental Video  Love to all the Rebels  (2004/60 secs/.mov)  Music by Toccata Electronica,

Screenings: Vancouver Bike Shorts Film Night 2006, Space Invaders III and FilmedByBike 2007!

Experimental Video  Postcard **  (2005/10 min./.mov)  Music by Final Fantasy  Thanks Owen!

** Official Selections: Rehab Film & Video showcase 2006 & Antimatter Underground Festival 2006


Montage  Rick Goes To Mass   (10 min./.mov)  Music by The Barcelona Pavilion  Thanks Steve!

Screenings: Public Space Invaders Film Night :: Times Up! New York/CineCycle Oct. 26/2006


Documentary  Festival of Lights 2005   (8 min./.mov)  Music by Jamisse Jamo & Lenni Jabour

Documentary  Human River   (2005/12 min./.mov)  Music by Final Fantasy  Thanks Owen!

Documentary  Making Coffee   (2005/2 min./.mov)  Music by LCD Sound System

Documentary  Corso Italia 2004 Bike Race  (2004/7 min./.mov)


Music Video  Les Fleurs Meconténtes  (.mov/.aviLenni Jabour & The Third Floor

Music Video  Tow The Line  (2004/3 min./.mov)  Music by Nick Drake


Upcoming Screenings:



Bike Week 2007: Wednesday, June 6th   CincCycle.  8pm.  Free!
La Fuga di Olmo (Martin Reis, 2004, 8 minutes, Super 8)

Jour de fete (Jacques Tati, France, 1949, 70 minutes, 16mm)


Documentary  ARC Memorial for Isaac Morkel  (Dec. 27/2005/3 min./.mov)  ARC

Archives of other Videos (News, etc.)  Memorial for Ryan Carriere  (2005/CITY TV)